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Hello and Welcome!

PaddleWise is the semi-moderated mailing list established for discussion of all paddling related topics in all areas of the world. PaddleWise is dedicated to safe and environmentally responsible sea kayaking and other paddle sports. The goal is to provide a forum for discussion on safe paddling. Here you will find a wealth of knowledge and information made possible through frank and friendly discussions among its members who are willing to share their combined experiences, dedication and expertise. Both expert and novice have something to learn and to teach each other. The objective of this semi-moderated forum is to encourage useful interchange on the subject of paddling boats and represents a community of friendships formed from the mutual joy and interests shared in a great sport!

This website is dedicated to those generous subscribers who have contributed so much to making PaddleWise the premier mailing list that it has become!

DISCLAIMER: Any opinions or suggestions expressed on the PaddleWise list or website are solely those of the writer(s) and not the owner(s) of the list or website called PaddleWise. You must assume the entire responsibility for reliance upon those opinions or suggestions expressed.

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The PaddleWise paddling list covers the following topics:

  • Anything to do with paddling boats!
  • Trip reports
  • Paddling equipment
  • Paddling clothes
  • Survival gear
  • Instruction
  • Paddling safety and first aid
  • Paddling techniques
  • Seamanship and navigation
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Boat touring and camping
  • Kayak sailing
  • Boat building and design
  • Destinations
  • Boat camping
  • Conservation issues
  • Wildlife and the marine environment
  • Educational events
  • Paddling seminars
  • Competition
  • Non-commercial paddling items for sale
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Happy and Safe Paddling to You